Wewoka Window Works

All windows created at Wewoka Window Works are hand-crafted, providing beauty for your project for years to come.

We offer:

● Custom Wood Windows
● Replacement Sashes
● RealLites™ Windows
● RealLites™ Simulated Divided Light Technology
● Historical Reproductions

We offer every color imaginable for coatings; color matching is also available. We offer a wide variety of glazings as well. We can also use a combination of different glazes on windows.

We are listed in the Oklahoma Historical Preservation Society Directory, an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving historical buildings. We have worked with many local, state and national historical preservation societies on wood window projects. Call us today to learn more about the products we offer.

Be sure to check out our Perfect Storm™ windows.

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Check Square Double Casement Large Div Lite Round Top Stained Glass Arch Side Light Awning Chicago Curved Units Demonstrator
Half Round Half Round Operable Royal Hidden Bal Royal Details SDL Demonstrator SDL Exterior SDL Interior