Wewoka Window Works


Wewoka Window Works began in 1997 with the guidance of Dennis Myers. Dennis, formerly in the construction industry, found it difficult to find historically correct window replacement sash and window units. With the goal of beginning a company to provide products for historical restoration projects with excellent one-on-one customer service, Wewoka Window Works was born.

Although historical applications are still the primary focus at Wewoka Window Works, the company also provides custom composite windows, thermal glazed windows, doors, moldings and new RealLites™ Windows. All lumber used in the manufacturing of Wewoka's products is supplied from Oklahoma, allowing Wewoka Window Works to proudly support Oklahoma industries and the Made in Oklahoma campaign.

Making Windows for You!
Each window you buy from us is handmade. While other companies have resorted to quantity, we have remained with the fact that old-fashioned handmade quality is what customers are seeking for their projects.

Once you place an order with us, we order the lumber needed for your project. We then cut each piece to size and handcraft each window.


When you purchase windows from us, you are not only getting a quality window, but you are also getting quality service from a company that stays updated on technological innovations in the window industry. We are the innovators of and leading the market in the research and development of our RealLites™ Windows, using wood composite materials in the manufacturing process of a true traditional window unit, replacement sash kits and aftermarket replacement window units.

Because of the nature of our facility, we are able to provide one-on-one customer service with you to design a window that fits your needs, whether we are dealing with wood windows or our lifetime composite units. We ship our windows nationwide and delivery can also be arranged.

We take pride in our historical reproductions and we provide personalized attention to every detail.

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